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Hardcore Defense Bravo Shield™

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For law enforcement entry teams and other users who require maximum protection against rifle fire, Hardcore Defense proudly offers the Bravo Shield™.  The Bravo Shield™ was designed from the start to withstand the following key rifle threat rounds:

  • 7.62×51 mm M80  150 grain FMJ at 2800 fps
  • 5.56×45 mm M193  55 grain FMJ at 3275 fps
  • 5.56×45 mm M855  62 grain “green tip” penetrator at 3200 fps

We designed the Bravo Shield™ to be the toughest hand-carried shield available!  M193s will penetrate all steel torso plates at the strike velocities listed above, M855s will cut through typical fiber composite shields, and ceramic armors can fail if hit multiple times.

The 7.62×39 mm round as used in the AK-47 is also easily stopped by Bravo shield, including mild steel core military ball ammunition.

The Bravo Shield™ achieves this unrivaled performance through the use of our proprietary titanium and steel laminate design.  The titanium strikeface blunts and slows high velocity incoming projectiles, which then splash against the steel core, with the majority of the bullet spall trapped between the plates.  Our design contains no fiber composites to wear out with heat, humidity, and time, and no ceramics which have issues with dropping and multiple hits.  Like the Alpha Shield™, the Bravo Shield™ can take a beating which would devastate other products.  For further information on our testing regimen, see our Testing page.

Our patent pending bolt assembly uses 3/8″ Grade 9 bolts which can withstand a hit directly on the bolt without penetration of the shield.  Most such hits merely slightly bend the bolt, although a dead-center hit from a .308 may break off the bolt head resulting in a loose handle or strap.

Features and Specifications:

  • NIJ III++ rated versus the three key threat rounds cited above
  • Angled handles improve comfort and grip
  • Two handles and dual cutouts allow for instant ambidextrous use
  • Adjustable forearm strap improves control and weight distribution
  • Removable weapon support bracket allows use of the shield with long arms
  • No shelf life limitations, no storage limitations
  • 15″ x 25″, 26 lbs

Interested in real world testing of the Bravo Shield?  Check out Demolition Ranch’s Live Fire Video Review.

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