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Hardcore Defense Delta Pro™

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The Delta Pro™ is a larger version of the Delta Shield, and also adds an arm strap and anchor ring for a sling.

Features & Specifications:

  • NIJ Special Type*:
    • 5.56×45 mm 55 grain M193 full metal jacket at 3100 fps
    • 5.56×45 mm 62 grain M855 green tip penetrator at 3100 fps
    • 7.62×39 mm 123 grain PS full metal jacket at 2400 fps
  • Ballistic steel, Rhinoliner® coated for corrosion resistance
  • Cushioned handle and forearm pad for comfort and impact energy absorption
  • Arm strap for increased control
  • Anchor ring for a sling
  • Dual upper cutouts for ambidextrous use
  • No shelf life or storage restrictions
  • Shown in photos with optional ballistic shield light, sold separately
  • 16″ x 28″, 22 lbs

Tested by an independent test lab in accordance with NIJ Standard 0108.1, using the NIJ III test protocol but with the threat rounds specified above.  Test reports available upon request.

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