Peace of Mind

For Students, Parents, Faculty, and Staff

A school should not be a dangerous place. Give your community peace of mind with 3D Sense Pro.

Allow students to take back their bathrooms from vaping and aggression and let teachers spend their valuable time teaching, not monitoring bathrooms and locker rooms.


Advanced Vape Detection

3D Sense vape detectors are trusted in hundreds of schools across the world. 3D Sense Pro uses the same industry-leading vape detection sensors and algorithms to accurately detect student vaping and other nicotine and THC emissions.

  • Highly Accurate With Low False-Positives
  • Low Response Time
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Nicotine, THC, and Other Emissions


Air Quality Insights

Monitor your indoor air quality and receive alerts to IAQ anomolies in any of seven metrics used to track air quality.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10
  • Air Quality Index

Keyword & Aggression

It’s as simple as an alert whenever a someone says “help,” “stop,” or another keyword. Keyword detection allows students to feel safe in school rooms, especially where cameras are not allowed like bathrooms and locker rooms. Staff can respond quickly when keywords indicate bullying, violence, or vandalism.

  • Highly Accurate ML-Backed Keyword Sensing
  • Low False-Positives
  • Keywords and Phrases constantly added through OTA updates
  • Privacy Comes First With No Audio Recording or Transmission Ever

Tamper Alarm

Protect your investment with 3D Sense Pro tamper alarm and alerts.

  • Siren Activated When Tampering is Detected
  • An Instant Alert to Your Phone and Email when Tampering is Detected
  • Made of Rugged Plastic and Compatible with Tamper-Proof Screws and Protective Metal Cages


And Much More

Quality Insights and Detection of:

  • Masking (covering the sensor)
  • Noise Anomolies
  • Malfunctioning HVAC (excessive heat, humidity, etc)
  • Much more via regular software updates
How does 3D Sense detect vaping?

3D Sense utilizes an array of sensors to notify school administrators to multiple events. The vape sensor is able to accurately gauge the likelihood and severity of vaping. When this level reaches a threshold determined by our engineers to be significant, an alert is automatically sent to the principal, nearby teacher, security officer, and anyone else you may designate.

How many 3D Sense Vape Detectors do I need?

3D Sense works best within a diameter of 15 feet creating a 200 sqft effective zone. 3D Sense is most effective if placed at the center of a room. We recommend one 3D Sense Vape Detector per regular size bathroom.

Will 3D Sense work in my building?

3D Sense relies on power and internet access through Power over Ethernet (PoE). Most schools are already equipped with PoE for use with security cameras. If you are not equipped, all it takes is a PoE injector and Ethernet cabling.

How am I alerted when a student is vaping?

3D Sense works with the cloud to send an SMS text message and email alert of vaping, noise anomalies, and tampering. Users will be able to set up the email and phone number of whoever they want to receive the alerts (most often it is a teacher close to the bathroom and/or a school administrator). The alert will indicate the location where vaping is sensed.

Why is there a software fee?

3D Sense uses an innovative online dashboard for called Triton Sync to manage devices, recipients, and data. Our advanced alerts system sends real-time SMS and email notifications when vaping is detected. A yearly software fee covers the cost of sending these notifications.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my 3D Sense Vape Detectors?

3D Sense was designed for simple installation, and in most situations, an IT Director and maintenance worker are more than qualified to install 3D Sense Vape Detectors.

Who receives vaping notifications?

Notifications are sent to anyone you designate. You can choose who receives notifications from each device and each device can send alerts to multiple people (e.g., nearby teacher and front office).

Alerts are sent in the form of SMS text messages and emails. You configure who receives alerts when setting up 3D Sense but can change recipients and their contact information down the line.